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What's New in 2022!

Appointments – NEW!

Each week we will be posting umpire appointments by round so you can see every round and every umpire! (to view and manage your own head to OfficialsHQ)

Coaches Corner

We’ve introduced a new Coaches Corner Blog & Q&A Discussion Board that will be updated weekly from now until the end of the season.  You will be able to read your Coaches training notes and information (released at the start of each week) and then head over to the Q&A Forum to discuss or ask the Coaches a question.


We also have just released some exclusive Training Videos by AFL Listed Umpires (John Howorth and Sam Wood). There are more in production currently, but those that we’ve released are about Umpiring Signals, Rules of the Game and more – check it out under our Training tab.  


The Ultimate Umpiring Quiz is back to test your knowledge of the game – take the challenge today!


Whilst we are currently updating all our resources in preparation for the start of Season 2022 if you need a particular manual or reference document please email

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